Community Meeting


The objectives of the first Community Meeting in Houston, Texas, March 25-27 , 2011 were to:

  1. Enable participants to become acquainted through the free exchange of ideas related to diversity in the geosciences in Texas;
  2. Identify specific approaches that address the goals stated above;
  3. Develop a 1-year implementation plan with recommendations for follow-up actions;
  4. Agree to a plan for sustained communication and activity beyond the workshop.         


The meeting consisted of breakout groups and plenary sessions. A complete agenda is posted here.

Meeting Forum

Workshop participants are invited to use the DIG Texas Forum that was set up to facilitate access to meeting reports and engage in discussions.
Please click here to get to the DIG TEXAS Forum.

Working Groups

During the meeting participants were assigned to three different Working Group (WGs): Community WG, Topical WG, Regional WG. Working Group leaders guided discussions and helped particpants to integrate and synthesize knowledge on the different topics. Working Group leaders compiled synthesis reports for the Working Group sessions.
The Dupal Site provides a venue for participants to discuss the status of diversity in the geosciences in Texas at the K-12, undergraduate, graduate and faculty level in academic institutions and synthesize, and integrate key information and best practices pertaining to diversity. particpants are encouraged to use the DRUPAL Site, as well as conference calls and e-mail to post comments to any of the discussion threads, and to create new discussion forums.